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        Yingkou Cynovate Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
        Trimethyl Orthoformate

        Trimethyl Orthoformate

        [CAS No.] 149-73-5

        [Molecular formula] C4H10O3

        Trimethyl orthoformate is a key organic intermediate. It is mainly used to synthesize azoxystrobin and other pesticides. For medical aspect, it is used to synthesize pipemidic acid, vitamins, cephalo-type antibiotics, Ciprofloxacin ,etc. It is also widely used in coating, dye, and perfume industries.


        Item Specification
        Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
        Chroma, Platinum-cobalt scale  (in Hazen) ≤20
        Trimethyl Orthoformate assay ≥99.5%
        Methyl formate assay ≤0.20%
        Methanol assay ≤0.30%
        Moisture ≤0.05%
        If the specifications are changed, the company will not notice especially!

        Trimethyl Orthoformate


        Storage and transport condition:
        Keep it airproof, dry, ventilation. Be stored far away from fire and heat source.

        Product Package:
        200kg/drum;or tank truck according to the requirements of the customers.


        Trimethyl Orthoformate


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